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Coloured prayer wheels in a row

Buddhism or Bust

Queensland, Australia
"Happiness is an inside job" advised the church noticeboard. Half an hour later, another ecclesiastical...
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Hawaiian sunset

The Highs of Haleakalā

Maui, Hawaii, USA
Go high, or go home. Really, if you’re going to be one of the world’s largest dormant...

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Paddy's pub in Kilkenny, Ireland

Ireland in Sixty Hours

The Republic of Ireland
 “Oh my @#$^^&*^%#@#$^!!!!!!” It was like a one woman show with a side of expletives...

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Carved Japanese statue in garden

Serenity Now! A Trip to Tamborine Mountain

Queensland, Australia
New Year's Resolution #1: stop celebrating New Year's Eve...

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Neon U2:UV Live At Sphere Las Vegas sign

Sphere and Coping in Las Vegas

Nevada, United States
World’s biggest technically advanced spherical building...

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Aerials of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Streaking in Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland, Europe
Twelve countries in 26 days. It wasn’t so much a holiday...

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